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How does it work?

Let’s start with a conversation. We’ll discuss your objectives and what kind of support you’re after.

I’ll go away and do some preliminary research. Based on this and our call, I’ll send over a proposal with a quote and an estimated timeframe.

If you’re ready to go ahead, you’ll sign a writer’s agreement and pay a 50% deposit.

I’ll start work as soon as this has been processed.

How we’ll work together

1|  I start with research into your business and tone of voice. This may involve interviews with relevant experts, and analysis of any existing data on your customer base. I may ask you for additional information about your business and your products. If your answers suck, I'll just keep asking questions.

2|  I’ll then craft copy tailored to your requirements.

3|  You look it over.

4|  If you require edits, I’ll deliver these in a timely fashion.

5|  Once you’re happy with the final product, I’ll invoice you the remaining 50% with 2 week payment terms.

6|  You proudly upload your sparkling new copy.

Let’s do the maths

I quote by the project once I know how much work is involved at my end. As a guide though, blog posts start at £440, and white papers at £3k.


Rush jobs and weekends cost extra, because even copywriters have the right to a family life.


1 | Will you write a test sample for free?

Afraid not. I can offer a short sample for a negotiable fee. Rather than haggling over price, I’d much rather you spent your valuable time looking at my previous work and these glowing testimonials from previous clients. 

2 | Do you have agency experience? Are you interested in agency work?

Yes to both. I’ve worked on agency projects and am always interested in them, providing they don’t involve the Premier League or PPI.

3 | Do you have a dayrate/wordrate?

Nope — My prices vary by the project because I don’t know how much to quote until I know what the assignment involves.

4 | Do you understand finance and tech? Will you get our product?

I have an MA in financial journalism and work with a lot of tech and fintech businesses. If you’re worried about describing your product easily to me, then it could be a hard sell with prospective customers.

Don’t worry, I can help you there.

5 |  So…. copywriting. You do legal advice too, right?

Close but no cigar. Copywriting is more Mad Men, less Suits. Nobody gets hurt though.

6 |  I’ve found a cheaper copywriter on (Insert name of freelance jobsite). Can you match their rate?

I’m happy to hear that you’ve got such a great deal! What are you waiting for? I write quality copy that converts. If you’re after keyword-stuffed content for search engines, then I heartily endorse (insert name of freelance jobsite).

I’m afraid I can’t vouch for quality, though.

7 |  What’s the deal with ghostwriting? You used to have a ghostwriting site too, right?

I do also run a ghostwriting business that is separate from Sterling Copy. If you’re interested in ghostwriting inquiries then contact me through this email.

8 |  Are you a specialist? What sort of clients do you work with?

I’m not a specialist. I write about everything, from lifestyle to tech and finance. I also write for luxury travel brands, agencies, sustainability projects and property companies. Being a non-expert can be invaluable as it’s the same viewpoint many customers will have. If you're thinking of contacting a copywriter with specific industry experience, I might be able to think of someone who'd fit the bill. Feel free to drop me a line.

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