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  • You’re great at what you do, and you need copy that proves it.

  • You need an experienced copywriter with a strong track-record. A safe pair of hands who’s written for everyone — from travel brands to top-tier agencies.

  • You need copy that cuts through the noise, reaches more customers and converts.

  • You’re looking for a problem-solver who can take the stress out of website copy.

Some more reasons

  • You’d rather sit through seventeen hours of back-to-back Adam Sandler movies than write copy.

  • You’re busy. And you need to establish yourself as an expert by creating quality copy.

  • You need someone friendly and on-the-ball to help you with Email Marketing, Website Copy, Ad Copy, Ebooks, Blog Content, Direct Mail and White Papers.

A couple more, just in case

  • You care about results. You’re not just after someone who ‘loves words’.

  • You need someone objective to look at what you do and help you market it. 

  • You’re after a copywriter who’ll tell you if something’s not working (and help you fix it).

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