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Why your business doesn’t need a mission statement

I know it sounds like something NASA would have on their website. Which makes it appealing on some level. But they don’t.

They do however have a dropdown list of their various missions. Running a successful business isn’t about “visions” or “mission statements”. It’s about providing a service people will pay for. That could be anything — from paraben-free deodorant to affordable facemasks. In my case, it’s copywriting.

Maybe in a best-case-scenario, a mission statement can make your business appear less like a moneysucking machine. Your customers aren’t necessarily interested in that, though. They might be ethical consumers, but they could also see your mission statement and think you come across as deluded and pompous. So here's an idea. Rather than worrying about your mission statement, how about taking a break from the navel-gazing and worrying about what your customers want? I guess what I’m trying to say is… Chill out Carl, you sell shaving foam, not inner peace.


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